Sylvain L.D

From the Greek ἀρχαίος, arkhaios (old) and γράφειν, gráphein (to describe).

Archeography: Obsolete name designating the representation by any artistic support of ancient monuments and scenes or ancient landscapes.

Professional photographer specialized in abandoned heritage photography, found of history of these emblematic places, I visit Europe to find these buildings in ruins.

I am keen on history and ancient architecture. Come with me for a while and admire the quality of buildings from the ancient time magnifying the stone, the wood or the metal.

En savoir plus

Buying art is foremost being passionate about others, their emotions, their dreams;

It’s to be touched by the other and to accept to be projected in his universe, to join him by buying it and to share it by showing it at home: it is to live his passion

You want to know more, each photography that you see here can come to embellish your interior and allow you to share my passion.


-Contact Me-

For any questions, information, quote or other, feel free to contact me via the form dedicated to this purpose. 
  • Montpellier, France
  • +33 (0)7 83 14 89 10
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